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Girl, You Got Me All Choked Up

July 29, 2016



Chokers are not going anywhere anytime soon. They have definitely come out from the 90’s vault to stay here for a while. You might be resisting this tempting trend, but we must tell you that you really just need to give in. If you can’t beat ’em, join them right? We here at Windsor LA-LA-LA-LOVE chokers! It’s all about having fun with these trends. You gotta admit though, they look freakin’ cute. There’s something about them that just add this cool, bad-a$$ girl vibe. We dare you to try this trend if you don’t already have an endless collection of chokers. We know we’re definitely adding more to our wardrobe!


Choker 1 | Choker 2 | Choker 3 | Choker 4 | Choker 5 | Choker 6